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I believe winning is a byproduct of transformational leadership. I love to win.  We win when we win the moment to moment interactions with our players. Interactions that consistently focus on purpose and ones that consistently build trust. These interactions with our players when executed well--Build WILL. The will to love our teammates, the will to prepare, and the will to compete. I include the entire coaching staff to insure we are all on the same page and aligned to our purpose, vision, mission and goals. Our leadership framework is founded in over 40 years of athletic participation, military aviation experience and athletic team coaching. This combination of experiences positions me very well to customize an approach that meets your needs as a staff.


The goal is creating a culture that builds safety, establishes purpose and shares vulnerability. According to Daniel Coyle in his book The Culture Code, these attributes describe some of the most effective cultures in the world and is specifically suited to athletics. From my experience, I couldn’t agree more. I will help you build a culture that you are proud to lead.


It all starts with a free session where we learn about your team, your challenges and your goals.

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