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Our Way

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Our goal is Organizational Health.  We help leaders, using a Purpose Driven Approach, lead healthy thriving organizational cultures.  We are focused on the “call to action” aspect of leadership in which leaders, aligned with their core values and team dynamics, are empowered to make responsible decisions in order to achieve common goals to WIN the hearts and minds of our people.  Our program’s foundation enforces core values, developing moral authority, and leading proactively when it counts the most.

The Victory Way process is an interactive teaching method which is based on our extensive background leading groups through crises in dynamic operational environments.  We incorporate real-world military leadership experiences, where there are no time outs and failure can have dire consequences. Our delivery focuses on organizational alignment, organizational values, organizational culture, and the building WILL.

The Victory Way process is built from years of defining moments that we have collectively experienced as leaders of Marines, soldiers and sailors in worldwide operations. Many lessons we deliver to leaders stem from success; winning championships, personal awards and many missions accomplished.  But often the strongest lessons are derived from when we failed, missed a strategic opportunity or did not achieve a goal. One such defining moment woven into our overall philosophy and content development is a military mishap survived by a founding member of our team. Extracting the important lessons learned from this tragic experience provided a powerful and relevant framework for organizational and personal leadership development which we translate for you to your world.

This challenge led us to a deep philosophical dive into the lessons taught by Admiral James Stockdale. Adm Stockdale was shot down over Vietnam in 1965. He was a prisoner of war for 7.5 years and in solitary confinement for four of those years. His in-depth philosophical views came from the Stoics and in particular—a Stoic named Epictetus. Adm Stockdale became a follower of Epictetus during his years as a graduate student at Stanford just prior to his capture. His captivity served as a lab for his beliefs of Epictetus’ philosophical teachings. He attributes his survival and his leadership success to these truths. Under-standing Stockdale’s lessons from Epictetus and how he applied those truths to the most intense and demanding leadership challenge of leading a POW camp has provided us a unique set of skills to guide leaders in any circumstances to WIN.
The purpose of The Victory Way process is for us to serve leaders of all kinds by guiding them to the behavior that when consistently exercised drastically improves your fulfillment and you’re your effectiveness as a leader. We guide your leaders to see their role from a new perspective in order to make stronger, more trusting connections that build unflinching Organizational WILL.  


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