"Leadership is the art of positively influencing a collective group to achieve common goals." 


“I have already implemented some of the things I have learned from this training.”



Executive coaching is a professional process that helps coachees improve performance by linking individual purpose, strengths, and values to organizational success. Executive coaching helps leaders grow, take ownership and be great.




360 Assessment




The coachee will experience a combination of benefits some having to do with who they are and who they are Being and others having to do with how they get things done and what they are Doing.




       Lead and execute in alignment with your uniqueness and your strengths.

       Lead authentically with purpose

       Understand and explore how your personal Fulfillment contributes to your work and 

       leadership performance.

       Understand and explore how Balance contributes to your work and leadership


       Learn how your Process can be responsive to the complexity that your journey presents.

       Build Will and Resilience in yourself and in your team.




       Shift any limiting thinking patterns.

       Shed light on any potential blind spots.

       Drive successful leadership behaviors.

       Develop trust and purpose in yourself and in your team.

       Successfully navigate and drive organizational change where and when necessary.

       Adjust thoughts and actions that enable more love, leading to better leadership and

       performance outcomes.


Who Should Attend:


Anyone seeking more. C-Suite Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, High Potentials


Benefit to the Organization:


Organizations that purposefully invest in the development of their leaders and in their people attract and retain the best talent. High performing teams excel more under the leadership of high performing individuals who demonstrate love and who know how to build trust and resilience. 


Benefit to Participants:


Better fulfillment and balance will increase capacity and performance. This in turn builds confidence, trust, and purpose.  




The Victory Way executive coaching service is based on an hourly rate of $400.

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