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“I have a far clearer path to take now…"

The Victory Way leadership guides serve and help those who have a desire to lead more effectively. We believe we know the way based on our success and our experience leading through crises while serving as fighter pilots in intense dynamic operational environments. The Victory Way is a continuation of a lifelong journey of learning, growing and leading. Our personal journeys have been sometimes tumultuous, sometimes tragic and yet consistently successful. Our vision in the next five years is to establish The Victory Way as a world class leadership development process.  Our passion is to translate our experiences to our clients’ world and to equip them with the tools they need to lead courageously when it matters most.


The Victory Way leadership framework and curriculum was created from a combination of our own operational leadership experiences with the fundamental foundations of leadership established by Admiral James Stockdale. Admiral Stockdale formulated his leadership fundamentals in one of the most extreme leadership crucibles any man has been forced to endure. Surviving and ultimately thriving for 7.5 years as a leader and a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. As committed and practicing believers of Admiral Stockdale, The Victory Way leadership framework translates his methods and theory into systematic tools that will fundamentally transform how you lead.


The Victory Way is a comprehensive leadership development process designed for leaders at all levels of an organization. This is a process not a program. We guide our clients on a journey from knowledge information and philosophy to consistent behavioral skills that influence and inspire desired outcomes. Outcomes that are aligned with shared values on the pathway to a shared vision.


The Victory Way trained leader will…


  • Develop the perceptions, decisions and skills necessary to lead every day in a manner that prepares you and your team for crisis

  • Understand how to use The Victory Way leadership framework and all its integrated parts to transform organizational culture and achieve team goals

  • Understand how his/her leadership actions in critical moments influence culture

  • Develop the skills necessary to positively influence your team and consistently remain aligned with organizational vision and values to achieve team goals

  • Understand how his/her human condition and how the human condition of his/her followers effects our actions in critical moments

  • Develop the skills needed to “go green” and win crucial moments

  • Develop the skills to systematically “debrief” the defining moments of his/her team and to consistently and courageously make the necessary adjustments to expedite growth and achieve team goals

  • Develop the skills necessary to assess team connections and the skills to effectively operate within and on the team dynamic to build cohesion and increase critical mass toward common vision

  • Understand, by using CliftonStrengths, how to lead more effectively given his/her personal strengths and the team’s personal strengths

  • Understand that fear and guilt destroy Will and that Trust and Purpose build Will

  • Develop the skills that build Trust and create Purpose

  • Build the Team Will to consistently impact bottom line results


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